On 28th of January 2015 coordinator Center for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights, Osijek organized, in its premises, the first national project partners meeting IPA 2011 “Civil Society for Accountable Governance”. The meeting was attended by partners from the Informative Legal Center, Slavonski Brod, the Serbian Democratic Forum from Pakrac and hosts the Center for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights, Osijek. The key discussion was the implementation of the project, activities, and partner commitments.

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Otherwise, the Center for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights – Osijek, in partnership with the Informative Legal Centre from Slavonski Brod, the Serbian Democratic Forum, PAX from Utrecht (the Netherlands) and The Hague Academy for Local Governance (the Netherlands), from  30st of December 2014  implements a two-year project “Civil Society for Accountable Governance”, funded by the European Union under the IPA 2011 Programme “Reinforcing Support of CSOs in Enhancing Transparency and Good Governance in Croatian Public Administration”.

The objectives of the project are to strengthen the capacity of local civil society organizations for the monitoring, analysis and reporting on the implementation of the policies associated with the good governance and anti-discrimination, strengthen cross-sector partnership through the establishment of local expert teams (consisting of representatives of civil society organisations, local authorities and public institutions) for the purpose of strengthening the principles of good governance and anti-discrimination at the local level and a structured dialogue between civil society organizations, local governments, public institutions and experts from EU, with the support of the creation and promotion of new mechanisms for the monitoring of the policies in the area of good governance and anti-discrimination.

Project activities are to strengthen the capacities of local civil society organizations and local governments and public institutions through training and follow-up with the experts from the Netherlands and the development of cooperation between them, maintaining regular motivational meetings with civil society organisations and local expert teams, monitoring good governance and anti-discrimination, drafting local reports and Final Analysis/publication and organization of the Regional Forum at the final stage of project implementation.

Beneficiaries of the project are local civil society organizations established to promote, exercise and protect the rights and interests of vulnerable groups (minorities, the Roma, sex/gender, disabled persons, youth) or work in the field of human rights, representatives of the local government and public institutions in whose jurisdiction are the implementation of these policies. Also the beneficiaries are Local Councils of National Minorities, the Government’s Office for Human Rights, the Ombudsman and the other Ombudsmen, citizens and the general public.

The project is implemented on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, in six cities in the Osijek-baranja, Brod-posavina, Požega-slavonia County : Osijek, Beli Manastir, Slavonski Brod, Nova Gradiska, Pakrac and Lipik.
For more information about the project can be obtained at;

Center for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights – Osijek, Augusta Senoe 1, Osijek

phone/fax: + 385 031 206-887,

Contact person: Ljiljana Bozic- Krstanovic, Project Manager,

E-mail :

Contact person: Miren Spek, Project coordinator for Osijek-baranja county

E-mail :

Launched the Website concerning Free legal assistance

PRESS RELEASE by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development

ppp visibility

The Launch of the Web-site concerning Free Legal Assistance is new Web-site enabling citizens to have access to free legal assistance.


New web-site is prepared within the framework of international project “Triple A for Citizens” and the National Foundation is one of its implementing partners.


The Web-site provides an interactive map offering an easy-access for its citizens to all organisations providing information, advices and free legal assistance in five countries of South-East Europe (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Kosovo) and Turkey.


The project „Triple A for Citizens: Access to information, Advice & Active help“has been initiated by the ECAS from the Bruxelles, and financed by the European Commission. It rests on the principle that any individual has the right to be informed of his/her rights.


The National Foundation for Civil Society Development is the implementing partner of this Project in the Republic of Croatia.


For more information visit:


Center for Peace began the implementation of pilot project “PPP to Citizens”

From 1 January 2014 the CPO began with the implementation of the one year pilot project under the title „ Triple A: Access to Information, Advice and Active Legal Assistance to Citizens“ (abbreviated in Croatian: „PPP Građanima“. This project is implemented with the financial assistance provided by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development which is a partner to the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) in the implementation of the international project „Triple A for Citizens“. The general objective of this project is broadening the concept of providing advice to citizens through the provision of information to citizens, legal counselling and direct legal assistance.

Targeted beneficiaries of Pilot-project are vulnerable and marginalised citizens like persons without/with poor incomes, unemployed and long-term unemployed, national minorities, women, pensioners with minimum pensions, people affected by the war – displaced persons, returnees and refugees. For advice, information and direct help, our citizens can reach us via e-mail, phone or by visiting our office. An innovation introduced with this pilot-project is the possibility of e-counselling via the web section „Questions and answers“ on our Web site.

More information about the pilot project is available hereppp visibility

Marking the fifth anniversary of presenting the Award “Krunoslav Sukić”

On 10 December 2013 on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, CPO organised the fifth ceremony of awarding the Award for the Promotion of Peacebuilding, Nonviolence and Human Rights “Krunoslav Sukić”. The ceremony included two interesting events – the MOnuMENTI Exhibition – The Changing Face of Rembrance and the Round Table “Some Answers to Challenges of Peace Building, Integration and Solidarity in Croatia” (in cooperation with Nansen Dialogue Centre).

The Award “Krunoslav Sukić” was awarded to two exceptional women, Veselinka Kastratović (CPO employee for over many years) and Barbara Matejčić. The Award “Krunoslav Sukić” for the work in the local community was presented to Duško Kostić from Beli Manastir, The Certificate of Appreciation for non-violent action “Krunoslav Sukić” was presented to Civic Initiative “Srđ is ours” from Dubrovnik. The Certificate of Appreciation for the Book of the Year in the field of peacebuilding, non-violence, human rights and civil society was granted to two publications: KNJIGOCID by Antun Lešaja and ZRCALO SJEĆANJA – kako pamtiti u nasilnu svijetu by Miroslav Volf.

Guests from entire Croatia attended the Ceremony expressing appreciation to the 2013 laureates. This Ceremony was organised under the auspices of President Josipović whose video-greeting speech was viewed at the Ceremony.

First news

Jeste li predložili svoje kandidate/kinje za Nagradu i priznanja za promicanje mirotvorstva, nenasilja i ljudskih prava “Krunoslav Sukić” za 2013. g. Prijave se primaju do 15. studenoga.

O Nagradi i obrasci za nominaciju:

Nagradom i priznanjima “Krunoslav Sukić” želimo pridonijeti vidljivosti solidarnog, dosljednog, posebno kreativnog i hrabrog djelovanja pojedinaca i pojedinki te građanskih inicijativa u sprječavanju nasilja, umanjivanju društvenih nepravdi te građenju demokratskog društva utemeljenog na kulturi nenasilja. Želimo ohrabriti ljude da političku moć koju imaju pokrenu u korist pozitivnih društvenih promjena.

Nagrada i priznanja bit će uručene dobitnicima/ama povodom Međunarodnog dana ljudskih prava, 10. prosinca u Osijeku. Ujedno održat će se svečanost povodom pete obljetnice Nagrade a pod pokroviteljstvom Predsjednika Republike Hrvatske Ive Josipovića.

O Nagradi i obrasci za nominaciju: