Crime at Velepromet (defendant Savan Dakić)

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Trial against Savan Dakić for war crime against civilians under Article 120, paragraph 1 of the Basic Criminal Law Act of the Republic of Croatia (hereinafter: OKZRH).


Defendant Savan Dakić is charged that as member of TO Vukovar dressed in olive-drab uniform and armed with an automatic rifle, in Vukovar on 19 November 1991, following the occupation of the town carried out by the so-called JNA and adjoined paramilitary formations and the forming of detention centre in “Velepromet” company’s warehouse in the street of Sajmište no. 132 where prisoners of war and civilians persons were brought in, having followed detention camp commander Nenad Žigić’s order, he took Ivan Ravlić out of the administration room and took him behind the first hangar, opened burst-fire from automatic rifle and killed Ravlić,

thus, by violating the provisions of international law at the time of occupation, he was killing civilians,

therefore, he committed a crime against humanity and international law – war crime against civilians, as described and punishable according to Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH.

Vukovar County Court

Case file number: K – 60/06

Defendant: Savan Dakić (orderly receives summons, resides in Serbia at the address which the court is familiar with, but he does not respond to the summons)

Criminal offence: war crime against civilians under Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH

War Crimes Council (panel): judge Slavko Teofilović, President of the Council

Prosecution: Vlatko Miljković, Vukovar County Deputy State Attorney

Indictment : no. K-DO-11/04 of 29 September 2006 issued by the Vukovar ŽDO,

Defence councel: Stjepan Šporčić, lawyer practising in Vukovar (court-appointed defence counsel)


Victim – killed: Ivan Ravlić

The reports are available in Croatian language: Velepromet (Savan Dakić) – izvjestaji