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Although the main hearing before the Sisak County Court in the Milan Velebit case was scheduled for 7 June 2010, it did not begin. The defendant resides in the Republic of Serbia and is its citizen. He was summoned to attend the hearing but did not come.

The case file was forwarded to the extra-trial chamber to decide whether the defendant would be tried in his absence or not.

The charges against Milan Velebit accuse him that on 11 October 1991, as a member of illegal army of the so-called SAO Krajina, he entered the courtyard of Jelena Palaić, a civilian of Croatian nationality, and demanded all cattle. Following Jelena Palaić’s refusal, he fired several shots at her and caused mortal injuries from which she died immediately. He took and kept for himself all her assets including the cattle found in the barn.

You can see the Indictment br. KT-171/92 of 29 June 2009 issued by the Sisak County State Attorney’s Office (hereinafter: ŽDO) here. (in Croatian)

Sisak County Court

War Crimes Council: judge Melita Avedić, Council President, judges Predrag Jovanić and Ljubica Balder, Council Members

Case file number: K-25/09

Indictment: No. KT-171/92 of 29 June 2009 issued by the Sisak County State Attorney’s Office

Criminal act: a war crime against civilians, Article 120 paragraph 1 of the OKZRH

Prosecution: Sonja Rapić, Sisak County Deputy State’s Attorney

Defendant: Milan Velebit, absent, currently resides in Serbia, the Court is familiar with his residence address

Defence: Danko Kovač, a lawyer practicing in Sisak

Victim (killed): Jelena Palaić

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