Marking the fifth anniversary of presenting the Award “Krunoslav Sukić”

On 10 December 2013 on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, CPO organised the fifth ceremony of awarding the Award for the Promotion of Peacebuilding, Nonviolence and Human Rights “Krunoslav Sukić”. The ceremony included two interesting events – the MOnuMENTI Exhibition – The Changing Face of Rembrance and the Round Table “Some Answers to Challenges of Peace Building, Integration and Solidarity in Croatia” (in cooperation with Nansen Dialogue Centre).

The Award “Krunoslav Sukić” was awarded to two exceptional women, Veselinka Kastratović (CPO employee for over many years) and Barbara Matejčić. The Award “Krunoslav Sukić” for the work in the local community was presented to Duško Kostić from Beli Manastir, The Certificate of Appreciation for non-violent action “Krunoslav Sukić” was presented to Civic Initiative “Srđ is ours” from Dubrovnik. The Certificate of Appreciation for the Book of the Year in the field of peacebuilding, non-violence, human rights and civil society was granted to two publications: KNJIGOCID by Antun Lešaja and ZRCALO SJEĆANJA – kako pamtiti u nasilnu svijetu by Miroslav Volf.

Guests from entire Croatia attended the Ceremony expressing appreciation to the 2013 laureates. This Ceremony was organised under the auspices of President Josipović whose video-greeting speech was viewed at the Ceremony.