Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights organised Photovoice activity on 20th of August 2018. Twenty participants of different age and nationality answered our call for application and participated in the activity on the subject of integration of third country nationals. Considering the fact that in Osijek there is a few unaccompanied minors who are beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, we contacted people who come from foreign countries, but are already integrated in our community, who happily accepted our invitation to participate.

During the activity, Photovoice team first discussed integration issues in Osijek, followed by participants taking pictures of their fellow citizens with special attention dedicated to examples of good practice, as well as pointing out the space for improvement.

As an example of good practice, participants captured the moments of integrated citizens’ leisure time and professional life. Most of them have well-developed social life, a lot of friends and acquaintances and are well integrated in our society.

As a space for improvement, participants pointed out monolingual signs, banners and directions in public space, hospitals, public institutions and public transport that are making integration of third country nationals more difficult.

In the end, in collaboration with Photo-club “Osijek” and Youth association “Breza”, some of the photographs were exhibited within the manifestation “Land without borders”.

Laurensia Vanida Adiesti with Nikola and Klara on the playground in Osijek