Meeting of the Integration Group of Stakeholders

Within the project Integration of third country nationals through urban partnerships – # INTEGRA, on 26th of March we held a meeting of the Integration Group of stakeholders.

The activities carried out so far and the Local Integration Plan in Osijek were presented. During 2019, based on this plan, we will conduct advocacy and raising awareness activities connected to this issue at national and EU level.

The aim of INTEGRA is to assist in the process of long-term integration of third-country nationals in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia by sharing knowledge and experience among the cities of these countries. Although the state is primarily responsible for implementing integration policies, cities also play an important role in fostering cooperation between all relevant stakeholders and creating a favorable environment.

Civil society representatives, alongside the City of Osijek, the Osijek-Baranja Police Administration, the Croatian Employment Service and the Office of the Ombudsperson for Children representatives participated at the meeting.