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Getting to know: Qal´at al-Hish al Akrad, Syria #INTEGRA

Krak de Chevaliers or Crac de l´ Ospital or a Kurdish fort is one of the most important and most preserved medival castles in the world.It is located west from the city of Homs, near Lebanese border. The first castle wAs built under emir of Aleppo in 11th century and the other was built by the Johannites in 12th century, after conquering the First Crusade. The fort is enlisted on UNESCO list of World Heritage

Peacebuilding school forum

On april 29th 2019, within study tour ˝Peace is in our hands˝, Peacebuilding school forum , Centre for Peace, nonviolence and human rights presented their project #INTEGRA and emphasized importance of Integration in sustainable peace processes.

(Hrvatski) Danas upoznajemo: Bosra, Sirija #INTEGRA

The old town in the south of Syria, first mentioned by Egyptian pharaoh in the 14th century BC It was conquered by various army leaders, Alexander the Great, the Selukis, the Nabateans, through Rome and Byzantium, when Bosra became an important center of Christianity. The most famous monument is the Roman theater (pictured), it is assumed to have been built during the Emperor Trajan.

We present famous migrants #INTEGRA

Within the project # INTEGRA – Integration of third-country nationals through urban partners – we present famous migrants: Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (Ulm, March 14, 1879 – Princeton, April 18, 1955), theoretical physicist.
He was liberal and broad-minded peacemaker, who, amongst all, advocated peace and justice.
Einstein’s main work is his theory of relativity. For his works in the field of quantum theory in 1921, he was awarded Nobel Prize for Physics.

Meeting of the Integration Group of Stakeholders

Within the project Integration of third country nationals through urban partnerships – # INTEGRA, on 26th of March we held a meeting of the Integration Group of stakeholders.

The activities carried out so far and the Local Integration Plan in Osijek were presented. During 2019, based on this plan, we will conduct advocacy and raising awareness activities connected to this issue at national and EU level.

The aim of INTEGRA is to assist in the process of long-term integration of third-country nationals in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia by sharing knowledge and experience among the cities of these countries. Although the state is primarily responsible for implementing integration policies, cities also play an important role in fostering cooperation between all relevant stakeholders and creating a favorable environment.

Civil society representatives, alongside the City of Osijek, the Osijek-Baranja Police Administration, the Croatian Employment Service and the Office of the Ombudsperson for Children representatives participated at the meeting.

(Hrvatski) Preporuku za suzbijanje diskriminacije i govora mržnje tijekom predizbornih kampanja Europske mreže za suzbijanje diskriminacije (EQUINET).

Htjela bih iskoristiti ovu priliku da podijelim s vama netom objavljenu Preporuku za suzbijanje diskriminacije i govora mržnje tijekom predizbornih kampanja Europske mreže za suzbijanje diskriminacije (EQUINET). Kako nam predstoje izbori za Europski parlament, kada javna retorika često prelazi granice odgovornog diskursa, važno je podsjetiti javnost i sudionike izbornog procesa na važnost suzdržavanja od diskriminatornog govora i govora mržnje. Vjerujem kako baš vi, kao predstavnici civilnog društva, imate jedinstvenu poziciju i mogućnost promicanja vrijednosti jednakosti, nediskriminacije te zaštite manjinskih skupina. U tu svrhu, EQUINET je objavio Preporuku za suzbijanje diskriminacije i govora mržnje u predizbornim kampanjama diljem Europe, za ove, ali i sve buduće izbore.
Preporuka sadrži osnovna načela komuniciranja tijekom predizbornih kampanja te je usmjerena na sve sudionike javne rasprave, a posebno apelira na političke stranke, kandidate i medije da uvažavaju vrijednosti nediskriminacije i težnje za stvarnom jednakošću, te da s posebnom odgovornošću pristupe osjetljivim temama koje se odnose na skupine definirane zajedničkim zaštićenim osobnim karakteristikama kako bi izbjegli njihovu stigmatizaciju.

Preporuku možete naći u prilogu na hrvatskom i engleskom jeziku, te ste slobodni podijeliti istu na svojim web stranicama i društvenim mrežama te dijeliti istu tijekom predizbornih kampanja. Vjerujem da ova Preporuka može biti koristan alat u borbi protiv diskriminacije te je važno da se svi uključimo u promicanje vrijednosti nediskriminacije i odgovornog komuniciranja.
Equinet preporuke HR

WATER – Croatia vs. Sirija #INTEGRA

As the World Water Day was marked on March 22nd, we present a comparison of the Croatian and Syrian surface that is under the water. Water is one of the most important conditions for life, but also the largest and most important systematic part of our body. Accordingly, water is one of the most strategic resources of today.

According to the Water Resources Report published by UNESCO in 2009, Croatia ranks third in Europe regarding the water richness – only Norway and Iceland are richer in water than Croatia. Furthermore, Croatia is among thirty countries in the world regarding quantity of water.

Architecture and history – city of Palmira

As part of the project Integration of third-country nationals through urban partnerships – INTEGRA, we are representing preserved parts of the old civilizations through architecture and history. Today we get to know the city of Palmira in Syria.
Palmira is an ancient city, also mentioned in the Bible, then called Tadmor, a desert city built by King Judea, Solomon, son of David. The free city of Palmira was founded in the 3rd century BC and became an important traffic hub. In 1980 it was admitted to the UNESCO World Heritage list, but unfortunately, Palmira has been greatly affected by the war in the recent years.