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We created four infographics within the INTEGRA project

Within the project Integration of third country nationals through urban partnerships – INTEGRA, The Center for Peace made four infographics.

1. Statistical data on the number of persons who have been granted international protection and the number of applicants for international protection,
2. Data on the City of Osijek,
3. Local Integration Plan for the City of Osijek,
4. Rights of the asylum seekers and foreigners under the subsidiary protection.

Through the created infographics, we are informing and sensitizing the public about third country nationals, their rights, integration in the city of Osijek and the adopted integration plan.

We started the campaign at the Faculty of Economics of the University Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek, where more than 20 thousand students will have the possibility to see the above-mentioned infographics.

1. Infographic2. Infographic3. Infographic4. Infographic

(Hrvatski) Održan INTEGRA DAN

Centre for Peace of Osijek hosted INTEGRA day. On Tuesday 11th December at J.J. Strossmayer University, there was a roundtable titled “MIGRANTS AND MINORITIES: OPPORTUNITY, NOT A THREAT”. The discussion focused on the main aspects of good integration practices on the local level: from an asylum seeker to a fellow Croatian citizen. The public discussion involved very important personalities. More specifically, we heard hear from Prince Wale Soniyiki and Twana Rasul about their direct experiences of respectively an asylee and a young man granted with subsidiary protection by Croatian government. In addition to them, in the conversation also participated Tvrtko Barun, actively operating the Jesuit Refugee Service, Sara Kekuš and Cvijeta Senta from the Centre for Peace Studies of Zagreb and, finally, Romano Kristić, Head of the Administrative Department for Social Walfare of the City of Osijek.
The whole event was accompanied by the Photovoice Exhibition. Before and after the talk, participants and visitors enjoyed wonderful pictures describing the experiences, the attitudes and the feelings of the people involved in this part of the project.
The second part of the activity consisted in cooking lessons for students of the Catering and Tourism School of Osijek that was given by Prince Wale Soniyiki. He is a 32-year-old man who, after escaping from Nigeria and having arrived to Croatia, was granted humanitarian protection. Thanks to this grant, he has been able to start living again. He soon became an essential part for the Croatian society: out of his passion for cooking, he reached his dream to run his own business. Now, he is the owner of a successful restaurant in Zagreb and for this reason, he decided to teach teenagers integration through his passion.

City Integration Lab

On 23rd and 24th of November 2018, Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights held two-day workshop named City Integration Lab, within the project „Integration of the 3rd country nationals through Urban Partnerships – INTEGRA“.
During the workshop, we identified the main integration challenges, goals that have to be fulfilled, actions and measures that need to be enacted and what resources are needed to fulfill the set goals.
Using the SWOT analysis, we defined key characteristics of the City of Osijek and identified strategic factors that can be of importance in local integration.
Defined area’s of integration of migrants on a local area are education, health care and social welfare, employement and housing, local capacities, security and raising citizens’ awareness.
Workshop was attended by representatives of police, City of Osijek, Croatian employement service, ombudsman, Red Cross, Volunteer Centre Osijek, Centre for Peace Studies, Centre for missing and abused childred, Breza Assosiation, Dokkica, Nansen dialogue centre, Centre for culture of dialogue and Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek.
The workshop was moderated by Goranka Lalić Novak, Ph.D. and Teo Giljević, Ph.D., assistant professors on Chair of Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

(Hrvatski) Home Away from Home – studijski posjet Belgiji

U sklopu projekta Centra za mir, Dom daleko od doma,(Home Away from Home), financiranog od strane Europske unije kroz Erasmus + program, trenutno je u tijeku posljednji studijski posjet Belgiji, od 23. do 28. studenog 2018. godine.

Belgijsko društvo može poslužiti kao inspirativan primjer integracije, te se studijski posjet održao baš u toj zemlji kako bi se identificirali najbolji načini intergracije izbjeglica, tražitelja azila i migranata u europsko društvo.

Projektni tim, koji se sastoji od predstavnika organizacija iz Hrvatske, Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva, Belgije, Austije i Njemačke, sastaje se sa inicijatorima, sudionicima i volonterima inspirativnih projekata i inicijativa koji djeluju na području Belgije. Organizacije i inicijative koje je projektni tim posjetio su Voice of Afghans in Belgium, Project X (Altochtonen van de toekomst!), Niemo Vzw Jong Gent, Tumult – talent voor samen leven with Startanimatoren, Road of Change, From Syria With Love, Burgerplatform/civilisation platform, Youth on the Run – Youth Red CrossRode Kruis-Vlaanderen, Kampen en animatorcursussen/camps and training courses – Tumult, Zijde gij ook van sinnekloas, a u posljednja dva dana posjetit će i mnoge druge.

Rezultati projekta Dom daleko od doma objavljuju se na web stranici te će poslužiti kao bitan čimbenik u stvaranju novih modela treninga koji će se razviti kako bi mlade ljude u Europi upoznali s najboljim načinima integracije izbjeglica, tražitelja azila i migranata.

Centre for Peace Osijek organized the first City walk

On the 16th of October 2018, Centre for Peace Osijek organized the first City walk, one of the activities of INTEGRA project. The first city walk was organized in the central area of Osijek, close to the train and bus station, sport’s hall and on the city street where Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics are. Due to the beginning of the academic year, the visited area was vibrant and full of life. The walk itself was very informative, and due to a smaller number of participants, the atmosphere was more relaxed, open and, therefore, enabled more in-depth conversations amongst participants. The walks were attended by representatives of TCNs, the NGO sector and volunteers, which created a space for open discussions about the subject of integration from various perspectives.

Second meeting of SIG held as part of INTEGRA project

On September 27th 2018, Center for Peace-Osijek organized a second meeting of SIG as part of the project of Integration of Third Country Nationals through Urban Partnerships – INTEGRA. Representatives of organizations and institutions of the local integration group – representatives of the City of Osijek, Breza association, Red Cross Osijek and Volunteer center Osijek took part in the meeting. On the meeting, both the results of activities done so far and plans for carrying out future activities were presented. The emphasis was on planning and organization of the integration laboratory. The organization itself is planned to be done in November. Representatives of the Center for Peace – Osijek presented conclusions of the coordination meeting concerning the outline of criteria for the plan of deployment of people who were granted international protection. The coordination meeting was organized by the Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities and was held on September 21st 2018 in the City council.