Crime in Banski Grabovac

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Trial against Mirko Korelija, Miroslav Peškir and Ranko Šimulija, charged with a war crime against prisoners of war stated in Article 120 of the OKZRH.


The accused persons are charged that, in their capacity as members of Serb paramilitary formations, on 5 August 1995, they took out captured Mladen Brleković, Croatian Army member of “XII Domobranska pukovnija“ out of the prison in Banski Grabovac, took him to the woods nearby the village of Miočinovići and killed him at close range from automatic rifles.


Zagreb County Court

Case No.: 2 K-RZ-11/12

War Crimes Council (judges’ panel): judge Tomislav Juriša, Council President, judges Mirko Klinžić, and Petar Šakić, Council Members

Indictment: K-DO-8/09 issued by the Sisak ŽDO dated 9 May 2011

Prosecution: Jurica Ilić, Zagreb County Deputy State’s Attorney

Criminal offence: war crime against prisoners of war referred to in Article 122 of the OKZ RH

Accused persons/defendants: 1st defendant Mirko Korelija, 2nd defendant Miroslav Peškir, 3rd defendant Ranko Šimulija – unavailable to Croatian judiciary, reside in the area of the Republic of Serbia

Defence: Domagoj Rupčić, lawyer practicing in Sisak representing the 1st defendant; Danko Kovač, lawyer practicing in Sisak representing the 2nd defendant., Zorko Kostanjšek, lawyer practicing in Sisak representing the za 3rd defendant

Victim – killed: Mladen Brleković


BANSKI GRABOVAC izvjestaji s pracenja  (available in Croatian)