Crime in Bučje (defendant Milanko Stanisavljević)


Trial against Milanko Stanisavljević, charged with a war crime against civilians referred to in Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH.



Požega County Court

Case file no.: K. 52/95

Judges’ panel: judge Tihomir Božić, presiding; judge Ivanka Pilon-Vukelić, member; lay judges Ivan Stastny, Drago Franić and Marijan Zvonarić, members

Indictment: no. KT-51/95-11 of 14 September 1995 issued by the Požega District State Attorney’s Office

Criminal offence: war crime against civilians referred to in Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH

Defendant: Milanko Stanisavljević, available

Defence counsel: Dragan Milačić, lawyer practicing in Zagreb


According to the Požega County Court’s verdict rendered on 13 October 1995, defendant Milanko Stanisavljević was found guilty as charged that having joined voluntarily the Serb paramilitary formations in his capacity as the guard in the concentration camp and prison “Bučje” in the period from 19 August to 14 December 1991, where persons of Croatian ethnicity were unlawfully brought in and detained with the purpose to inflict great suffering to them, he personally participated in their intimidation, unlawful bringing in and detaining in the concentration camp by battering Zlatko Erlbek and Marijan Smith with sticks, electrical wire cables, feet and other objects, by personally taking the prisoner groups to forced labour and, together with other guards, was involved in starving the prisoners and thus aggravated their health condition, inflicted physical injuries and severe mental pain.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The Požega County Court’s verdict no. K. 52/95-11 of 13 October 1995 is available in Croatian here.

On 16 April 1996, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia dismissed the appeals lodged by the State Attorney and defendant Milanko Stanisavljević as unfounded and confirmed the verdict of the court of first instance.

The VSRH verdict no. I Kž 837/1995-3 of 16 April 1996 is available in Croatian here.