Crime in the Stara Gradiška prison (defendant Đorđe Božičić)

Trial against Đorđe Božičić, charged with a cruel treatment against wounded, sick and war prisoners referred to in Article 128 of the OKZ RH.


Požega County Court

Case file no.: K-13/93

Council (judges’ panel): judge Branimir Miljević, Council President; judge Ivanka Pilon-Vukelić, Council Member; lay judges Josip Đuranović, Ivan Čavar and Stjepan Živković, Council Members

Indictment: amended Indictment No. KT 2/94 of 8 September 1994 issued by the Požega District State Attorney Office

Criminal offence: cruel treatment against wounded, sick and war prisoners referred ton Article 128 of the OKZRH

Defendant: Đorđe Božičić, unavailable

Defence counsel: Julka Lučić-Prša, lawyer practicing in Požega

Victim – light physical injuries: Živko Matekalo



In the Požega County Court’s verdict of 3 April 1995, defendant Đorđe Božičić was found guilty that in his capacity as member of paramilitary formation of the so-called SAO Western Slavonija, end of November 1991 until 12 December 1991 in the Stara Gradiška prison, he participated in hearing/interrogation of detained Croatian soldiers, and Živko Matekalo among them, and also maltreated them whilst causing light physical injury (rib fracture) to Živko Matekalo.

Defendant Đorđu Božičić was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison.

The verdict can be viewed (in Croatian language) here.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, at its session held on 26 September 1995, confirmed the verdict rendered by the court at first instance.

The VSRH verdict can be viewed (in Croatian) here.