On Wednesday, 16th of December 2015., Center for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights – Osijek, held at the Beli Manastir Community Center motivational meeting with representatives of P.C.D.I.  Erika Jasnić and Mirela Alagić, Peace group “Oaza” Ana Jelicic and Association of Roma friendship “Luna” Duško Kostić. Civil society organizations are associates on the project IPA 2011 “Civil Society for Accountable Governance”.

The contents of the motivational meeting regarded support in independent monitoring carried out by the above organization: P.C.D.I. monitors the effectiveness of the implementation of the measures “Guarantee for the Youth”, a Peace group “OAZA” monitors the effectiveness of the implementation of the measures 7. “To provide permanent and temporary housing to victims of domestic violence in accordance with the available housing areas” of the “National Strategy for Protection from Domestic violence, for the period from 2011.-2016.” and Association of the Roma friendship monitors the implementation of the measure 2.4.3 “To organize public works programs and include the long-term unemployed persons, members of the Roma national minority from the Action plan for the implementation of the National strategy for Roma inclusion 2013-2015.”

The meeting discussed the process of a independent monitoring from July to December 2015., the progress made and future activities.
Peace group “Oaza” – Beli Manastir and the Women’s Association “IZVOR” in mentioned period fulfilled several surveys with users. It’s about the victims of domestic violence and the possibility of applying for a housing care. During November/December of 2015. they sent memos with survey questionnaire toward subcarrier of the measures (local Centres for social care Osijek and Beli Manastir, the administrative departments of cities, State Real Estate Agency).

Project Civic Democratic Initiatives – Beli Manastir, Youth Info-Center/PRONI Center for social education and Organization of Citizens Initiative – O.C.I. in Osijek rolled and distributed a survey about awareness among young people about the measures “Guarantee for the Youth”. The survey has been filled by more than 200 young persons (15-30 years). Organisations collected the number of informative workshops by Ministry of labour on the measures “Guarantee for the Youth”, as well as the statistical data of the Croatian Employment Service in relation to the number of unemployed young people in 2013/2014. and the first half of the year 2015. In November a focus group was held which was attended by 16 participants. In December, on the basis of held focus groups, organisations made the survey on the effectiveness of measures to “Guarantee for the Youth” that is currently in distribution.
The Association of Roma friendship “Luna” from Beli Manastir drafted and began with the distribution of the survey questionnaire towards the Roma – users of public works. During November organisation received the reply from the CES – Regional Office – Osijek and Beli Manastir – branch office regarding the obtaining of statistical data on the number of members of the Roma national minority that are involved in public works programs in the area of Baranja, for 2014. During November/December memos to the municipalities and Roma associations which have carried out a program of public works for the Roma in 2014. were sent together with a survey about customer satisfaction program.