PRONI Center for social education Osijek, Organization for civic initiatives Osijek-Osijek-O.G.I, a Project of Civic Democratic Initiatives-P.G.D.I. Beli Manastir and Center for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights, Osijek conduct a survey on the awareness of young people about the extent of the “Guarantee for youth” in the region of Slavonia and Baranja. Monitoring measures Guarantee “for the youth” is carried out in the framework of the project the IPA 2011 “civil society for a responsible management”, funded by the EU and the Association of the Office for the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

The purpose and goal of the questionnaire is to get an answer whether they are and how much they are young informed about the extent of the Ministry of labor “Guarantee for the youth”. A measure of the “youth Guarantee” is a new approach in addressing the issues of youth unemployment persons are working as fast as the labour market activation. It is a large number of submeasures (more than 20), and some, such as fiscal incentives for employment, training or education are most used. More about the extent of the

The survey can be downloaded at