Center for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights – Osijek, Info-Center for Youth/PRONI – Center for social education from Osijek, Osijek Civic Initiative – O.C.I. and Project Civic Democratic Initiatives from Beli Manastir – P.C.D.I. research on the effectiveness of measures “Guarantee for Youth” in the region of Slavonia and Baranja. Monitoring is carried out in the framework of the project the IPA 2011 “Civil Society for Accountable Governance”.

We humble ask you to take a little time and fill out this anonymous survey.
The purpose and goal of the survey is to get an answer about the effectiveness of measures “Guarantee for the youth”. A measure “Guarantee for the Youth” is a new approach in addressing the issues of youth unemployment (up to 30 years old) in the interest of  fast labour market activation. More about the extent of the measures on the

The survey consists of closed and open questions, so please give honest opinion when responding.
The survey can be filled out by all who have used or are using the above measures of the Croatian Employment Service.
** If you have used more measures (for example, vocational training and public works) please fill survey for only one measure, and if you want to give your opinion for the second measure, please fill out the questionnaire again.
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