Center for Peace began the implementation of pilot project “PPP to Citizens”

From 1 January 2014 the CPO began with the implementation of the one year pilot project under the title „ Triple A: Access to Information, Advice and Active Legal Assistance to Citizens“ (abbreviated in Croatian: „PPP Građanima“. This project is implemented with the financial assistance provided by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development which is a partner to the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) in the implementation of the international project „Triple A for Citizens“. The general objective of this project is broadening the concept of providing advice to citizens through the provision of information to citizens, legal counselling and direct legal assistance.

Targeted beneficiaries of Pilot-project are vulnerable and marginalised citizens like persons without/with poor incomes, unemployed and long-term unemployed, national minorities, women, pensioners with minimum pensions, people affected by the war – displaced persons, returnees and refugees. For advice, information and direct help, our citizens can reach us via e-mail, phone or by visiting our office. An innovation introduced with this pilot-project is the possibility of e-counselling via the web section „Questions and answers“ on our Web site.

More information about the pilot project is available hereppp visibility