On the 3rd of November 2015. (on Tuesday) starting at 12:00 in the premises of Regional info-Centre for youth, Ribarska 1, Osijek held a focus group as part of a independent monitoring “Youth Guarantee”.

PRONI/Info-Center for youth Osijek, Organization for Civic Initatives Osijek and Project Civic Democratic Initiatives – Beli Manastir, all associate organisations of the Center for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights – Osijek, as part of this project “Civil Society for Accountable Governance”, monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the “Youth Guarantee” in the area of Osijek-Baranja County. For the duration of the monitoring of the “Youth Guarantee”, organizations created and distributed (and still distribute) a survey about awareness among young people about the extent of the “Youth Guarantee”, and in the plan is also a developement of a survey on the effectiveness of the measures which it is preceded by the focus groups.

On the focus group participants discussed about the awareness of young people and employers about the scheme and measures in the scheme “Youth Guarantee”, they exchanged the experiences and the positive and negative aspects of measures, the effectiveness of the measures in relation to youth employment, the problems of employers and other relevant entities in this process.

The participants of the focus groups were the Deputy Mayor of the City of Osijek, Mr.Denis Ambruš, Dorotea Telarović,  Department for education, culture and sport Osijek-Baranya County, Ivan Ravlić, representative of the Croatian Employment Service – Osijek, as well as a representative of CISOK, CES, and representatives of the real and the public sector (employers), representatives of civil society organizations, young people who are unemployed and have not used any of the measures of the scheme “Youth Guarantee” as well as those who, passed through a measure  and today they are working on similar or the same jobs for which they were “educated” through one of the measure.

It was concluded, inter alia, that the crucial problem of youth unemployment is educational system-enrolment quotas in certain professions, IE. discrepancy in relation to the labour market, the necessity of practice in secondary schools, particular measures must be seen as a continuation of schooling, parents are sometimes crucial factor at the incitement of children/young people, young people need to be more motivated, interested in search of the measures, as well it is important they need to inform themselves about the path after they finish with certain measure, mentoring is crucial, the specifics of the technical sector in relation to the measure of professional training and that there is a problem in smaller towns and rural areas because lack of institutions/establishments in which young people can do some of the measures.

Shortly before the beginning of the focus groups, representatives of PRONI/Info-Center for youth, presented the key questions and the answers of young, preliminary results from a survey about awareness among young people about the extent of the “Youth Guarantee”.