On 17th of June 2015. a motivational meeting with representatives of partial civil society organizations from Osijek was held. The meeting was attended by: Miren Špek – project co-ordinator for the Osijek-Baranja County Center for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights, Osijek, Zdenka Radic, Mirjana Jozanović and Maja Knezevic – PRONI Center/Youth Info-Center Osijek, Martina Cangajst and Marina Mišanović, OCI Osijek.

Co-ordinator for Osijek presented a draft of the monitoring form for youth made by traineer Lars Burem during June. The goal of advocacy is improving the implementation and enhancing the effectiveness of measures to “Guarantee for the youth”, and the general goal of monitoring is the monitoring of the levels of implementation and level of performance measures “Guarantee for the youth”. Monitoring has two sub-objectives, the first whose task is to measure the awareness of young people about the measures (awareness of youth), and another that will measure the effectiveness and impact of the measures on youth employment in the long term. Target persons are between 15 to 30 years.

It was agreed that the survey on information go first, while the focus groups will be held during September 2015, and conclusions, suggestions of participants will use focus groups for updates to the two other remaining surveys – “on the effectiveness of the measures” and one toward employers. As part of the focus groups other than young people who have gone through some submeasures “Guarantees for the youth” invited will be employers, schools, and other public and State institutions. By sprucing up these two surveys will be distributed along with a survey on the awareness among the target groups. Polling will take place online and filling out a written survey. surveying will be conducted from July 2015. until September 2016. when every organization will make a brief report and participate in the analysis of the research – monitoring.