On Tuesday, 05 April 2016, the Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights-Osijek held a motivational meeting with representatives of Info-Centre for the Young/PRONI Centre for Social Education and with the Organisation of Civil Initiative O.G.I. Osijek. The stated civil society organisations are the collaborators on the IPA 2011 project “Civil Society for Accountable Governance“.

The contents of the motivational meeting included a report on response regarding participation in filling in the survey questionnaires on awareness of young people and their access to information about the measure “Guarantee for Youth“, and the survey questionnaires on effectiveness of the measures “Guarantee for Youth“, as well as the survey questionnaires on effectiveness of measures which had been distributed to employers to fill them in. It was agreed that the survey would be continued further on, and that the invitations/requests for participation in the survey would be sent again to the targeted population, if required.

At the meeting, the Project Coordinator announced the incoming training “The Reporting – from Data Collection to Interpretation and Presentation of the Report“ which would be held in Osijek in the period from 27 April to 29 April 2016. She emphasised that the purpose of the training was to strengthen the capacities of civil society organisations and local government and public institutions to perform analyses and make reports on implementation of policies in relation to a good governance and anti-discrimination and to engage in advocacy for changing of policies at the local/national level through gaining new knowledge and skills which would enable the CSOs, LG&PIs to analyse the collected data; to report – prepare the findings and recommendations for the change of policies; and to enable them to prepare local action plans.