The Award and Recognitions for the Promotion of Peacebuilding, Nonviolence and Human Rights “Krunoslav Sukić”

Recognition Peacemaking School

Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek established in 2009 the award for the promotion of peace-making, nonviolence and human rights in the honour of one of its founders, peace activist and humanist Krunoslav Sukić.

This year the new category Recognition Peacemaking School will be introduced.

The aim of the Recognition Peacemaking School is strengthening the culture of nonviolence as one of the fundamental democratic values. It promotes education for peace in primary and secondary schools and emphasises the schools’ contribution in building a culture of nonviolence at the community level. It consists of the Charter and 7days educational study visit for 14 pupils, 2 teachers, 2 members of parents’ council of the award-winning school and 2 members of their local government.

The Recognition Peacemaking School will sensitise schools and general public on the subject of education for peacebuilding; winning school will be awarded the possibility to strengthen its capacities with additional knowledge and skills of conflict management, peer mediation and nonviolent action. In the long term, the network of Peacemaking Schools will be empowered through sharing knowledge, experiences and motivation for joint activities.

Public call for nomination 2015′ will be relased on September 5.

The Recognition Peacemaking School is supported by National Fondation for Development of Civil Society.