On 16th of June  2015. we established a local expert team – platform consisting of five members of selected civil society organizations from the area of the city of Beli Manastir, and representatives of the local government and public institutions of the city of Beli Manastir, for the purpose of strengthening the principles of good governance and anti-discrimination at the local level.

The first initial meeting of local expert team – platform was held with wholehearted support and assistance of the city administration by providing a space “Mala vijećnica” of the Beli Manastir Town Hall for the purposes of the initial meeting, and the meeting attended the members of the project team IPA 2011 “Civil Society for a Accountable Governance” project manager Ljiljana Božić Krstanović and project assistant Una Josipović. The establishment of local expert team – platform is preceded by a five-day training in Zagreb, on the theme “Monitoring of policies related with good governance and anti-discrimination” which led the coaches from the Netherlands, and motivational meetings in the white Monastery during April 2015.

In the local professional platform of Beli Manastir are representative of the Peacekeeping group OASIS, representative of the Project Civic Democratic Initiatives – P.G.D.I. and representative of the Roma Association of friendship LUNA, President of the Commission for gender equality of the town of Beli Manastir, and a representative of the town of Beli Manastir in Baranja development agencies.

At the initial meeting it was discussec about the problems of the Roma minority in Beli Manastir, and Darda, the problem of housing victims of domestic violence, and therefore of the inadequacy of their housing, about the problem of unemployment and the walkouts in other countries an increasing number of young people from Baranja, and lack of financial resources for a growing percentage of socially disadvantaged persons.